The Southeastern Greene School District has established threat assessment teams for Bobtown Elementary and Mapletown Jr. Sr. High School as required by the Public School Code of 1949. The district strives to identify students and provide intervention for any student whose behavior may indicate a threat.

The District's School Safety and Security Coordinator will lead the teams which consist of principals, special education supervisors, school nurses, counselors, social workers, school psychologists, and school resource officers.  Law enforcement officers and behavior specialists will be used as needed.

This team is to assess and intervene with students when threats are being made. The goal of the team is to keep everyone safe and work with the student making the threat before they act. Threats can be made by someone who wants to:

• Harm themselves

• Harm other students

• Harm school staff members

• Harm the school building

• Bring harm into the community




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Mr. Richard Pekar
Superintendent of Schools and School Safety and Security Coordinator

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