I am truly honored and excited to be the principal at Mapletown Jr/Sr High School. As an alumnus of the school district, I have great pride in my roots as a Maple and look forward to providing an outstanding learning experience for your children.

It is my vision to provide a world-class education to every student that walks these halls. We have made many exciting changes to the curriculum and course catalogue that include offering Advanced Placement classes for the first time in school history! We will challenge all students to fulfill their potential and reach their goals. It is the objective of our school community to ensure that all students are college and (or) career ready at the time of graduation.

It is the belief of our administration and staff that we must provide an outstanding education to every type of learner. Our program of studies is designed to allow students to explore their interest in computer science, technology education, art, and music. We are excited to offer honors classes for students that have excelled in science, literature, math, and history. We are proud to continue our partnership with the Greene County CTC to provide extended opportunities for students pursuing a more career based education.

While we must always focus on improving student achievement and providing opportunities for student success, it is also important for students and teachers to have fun! We offer a variety of clubs, activities and sports for students to take part in. We encourage all students to get involved whether their talents are musical, athletic, academic or a little bit of everything.

I would like to personally invite our parents and community to be a part of our school. I encourage you to attend school events and to visit our website regularly, as we plan to showcase our students in a variety of interactive ways. It is my intention to reintroduce and ultimately reconnect our school community and the community at-large.

In conclusion, I cannot express how happy I am to be home. It is truly great to be a Maple once again.

Thank you,

Bart Donley