Mapletown Marching Band: the new and the old
Mapletown Marching Band: the new and the old
Leigh Goforth, student
Thursday, September 14 2017

By Leigh Goforth
September 12, 2017

GREENSBORO - Mapletown's band has been growing slowly and steadily over the past seven years.  This comes as good news, as the band did not even exist ten years ago.

Thanks to the dedicated students, parents, and band director at Mapletown, the band has been reinstated since its disappearance in 2007.  Nine Mapletown students were forced to join a neighboring district's band when a vote shut down the band in July of that year.

christmasband Mapletown Band at the Waynesburg Christmas Parade in 2016

During the past seven years, there have been at least eight musicians in the marching band. This year alone, we have twelve instrumentalists and fourteen colorguard members.

According to band director, Mr. Springer, the theme of the band's marching show is the "music from the band Journey." It was chosen as it is "fun music everyone knows" and the members of the band are capable of playing the pieces.  The songs, of which only one is ready for performances as of current, are well known and pre-arranged for the band.

The band has recently gotten new shirts, which feature a Journey design (cover image).


Mr. Springer says that the band has improved greatly, and three years ago he would not have been "willing to even attempt this marching show."  He also said, "adding the colorguard is a massive change, adding color to the show."  The guard also has new uniforms, giving a new, modern look. The new uniforms are also more practical, allowing for a wider range of twirls the girls can accomplish. On the topic of uniforms, the band is not going to be getting new marching uniforms in the immediate future. "They aren't needed and uniforms are very expensive," said Springer. In fact, when the current uniforms were bought, they were over $600 each for eighty uniforms. That may not seem like much, but nowadays, each one would be over $1,000. Therefore, Mr. Springer says that concert uniforms are probably closer in the future.  The girls uniform would be a black gown and the boys would be a tuxedo-style.

Mr. Springer expects the band to grow "in size and ability" in the near future. If you would like to join the musicians or the colorguard, please see Mr. Springer.

Remember, just because the colorguard is currently all girls, doesn't mean boys can't join. Kevin Mayhew and Shawn Hennessey, seniors from two years ago, were in colorguard and they twirled rifles. If you know how to twirl a baton, you could be a majorette. Band is for everyone who can count to four and know their ABC's from A to G!

You just have to be willing to work hard and actively participate!